LL Cool J Mixtape???

On: Sunday, June 15, 2008

LL Cool J has a new mixtape out. I know, it even sounds weird lol But its true! And yes, this is LL’s FIRST mixtape. I have nothing against LL Cool J…as an actor lol But as a rapper, especially as a mixtape artist, LL you just don’t have it man. You were big back in the day but that kind of rap is just not around anymore (i’m surprised DJ Kayslay agreed to hosting this mixtape!!!). These days you have to come hard and come out wit shit that niggas gon respect and this track “Baby” isn’t going to earn you any respect in today’s rap scene. Let’s see what the rest of the world has to say.


Here’s a track off of LL Cool J’s mixtape…

118 GOAT, cuz he stinks

4 comments on "LL Cool J Mixtape???"

Anonymous said...

You sound like a jackass your so out of da fuckin loop!!! LLcooljs' mixtape iz fiya!!!! Your just to biased and gay to listen to da shit with an open mind!!! Fuck you for fronting on hiphop!!! His mixtape iz bangin!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Llcoolj is back!!!!

One Eighteen said...

This "anonymous" is so smart. He knew his opinion wasnt strong enough to make a valid point so he added 2 more comments to help him out. Its just too bad that all three comments were posted in less than 2 minutes. You're not fooling anybody, you genius.

And by the way, the mixtape is whack, i listened to it and it sounds like some shit that would have been made back in the late 90s. Stop living in the past boy. Current hip hop has no place for "cake" rap.

Funny thing is that on this track LL at the beginning states that we "aint ready for this one." We were ready for those type of songs about 10 years ago LL. Apparently YOU and this anonymous fool "aint ready" for whats new in the world of hip hop. Me? Fronting? Hardly nigga.