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On: Sunday, April 27, 2008

I had a pretty odd week and by odd i mean alot of it was good and alot of it was terrible lol Ima start with the good stuff.

First of all, i had to write a speech and perform it on Wednesday. I didn't go to class on Monday so i didnt know if i got bumped to Friday because one day we couldnt fit in a scheduled speaker so there was a chance i might have been bumped to Friday. I was not ready at all for my speech on Wednesday so i was sweatin balls. I was nervous as fuck. So i walk into class a nervous wreck. I sit down and ask the AKL next to me if anybody got bumped to Friday on Monday and he said yea. I felt a little relieved. And then i heard Luke say that the people that got bumped back was two other girls. SO i got nervous again all of a sudden. And then the girl i sit next to everyday, Candace, sits down next to me and says "you dont go til Friday." I was the happiest muthafucker alive!!!

Another good part is the actual speech i gave on Friday. I had stayed up all night memorizing it and when it came time to perform it i was almost flawless in my opinion. It started out great. My powerpoint started off with the picture of me holding up the Monster Mixxd can and over the pic it read "Yes i know, I love them too" referring to the energy drinks i was speaking about in my speech. My speech was about the health concerns that come with energy drinks and how you can make some lifestyle changes in place of the consumption of energy drinks. I was in a problem before the speech though; i designed my speech to only last about 5 minutes because i was under the belief that the speech length requirements were from 5-7 minutes. Turns out that the requirement was 6-8 minutes. I had to find a way to atleast kill a minute of time in order to not be reduced any points. I had a slide that showed the difference in caffeine content in a 8oz cup of coffee compared to an 8oz serving of Cocaine energy drink. The difference in content was huge so i basically bullshitted about it for about a minute while speaking slowly as well. I ended up with a 7 minute 32 second speech. Not bad.

And then after my speech, im walking with my friend Iyana to my next class and i run into one of my classmates, James Gualdini who was also in my group for the class' group project requirement. He tells me class is cancelled! While im walking with him back to the bus stop, i see Demiera and i decide to walk her to class lol

When i drop her off at her class i go to the Student Center to catch the bus back to the frat house. While im waiting, my guy Marlon Haywood spots me. We have a long talk about being Greek at NIU and he invites me to his weekly meetings with representatives from some black frats and some more minority greeks. Since i took so long talking to him i just waited a few minutes for Demiera to get out of class and then it was such a nice day out that we decided to walk back to the house.

I'll finish this later...

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