Speed Racer!!!

On: Thursday, March 13, 2008

I was on YouTube today and I seen that a Speed Racer movie is coming out!!! Speed Racer was the shit when i was little!!! Even though the movie's special effects look like they are meant to appeal to a younger audience i owe it to myself to go see it the day it comes out lol Oh yea, Christina Ricci plays Trixie, you KNOW i gotta see that!!! And John Goodman plays Pops, shiiiit!!! You know i gots to see that!!!
Here's the trailer i got from YouTube.

Whats nuts is that i was telling Demiera about Speed Racer when i found out about the movie and i told her about my favorite episode, the mysterious Racer X episode. I was telling her all about Racer X and then i read this article about the movie and turns out that Racer X WILL be in the movie!!! Isnt that nuts?!?!? In the cartoon show Speed and Racer X started off as enemies but then they were put into a position where they had to work together to save their asses. They became buddies after that. Keep this on the low but, i think Racer X is really Speed Racer's brother, Rex Racer, who is supposed to be dead. Shh, keep it on the hush. By the way, the main race in the movie is the same race Rex Racer supposedly died on lol Shh!!!

Here go the original opening to the show. Thank God for YouTube


In theaters May 9th. Are you ready???
More info at SpeedRacerTheMovie.com

Go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer, go Speed Racer GO!!!

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