Lupe Fiasco "Superstar" Remix

On: Friday, March 14, 2008

Once again here I am exemplifying how diverse my blog really is. What did I talk about just a post ago??? That's right, how my blog is never about just ONE thing. Here's some hip hop culture for your ass!!!

Lupe just released this remix for his MEGAHIT track "Superstar" off of his newest album Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. The track features Young Jeezy and TI. Two very un-Lupe-like rappers. Young Jeezy and TI are pretty much the opposite of what Lupe Fiasco stands for but that's exactly what makes this track amazing. The mix of the two different approaches to rap music. Really interesting choice of guest artists Lupe. In a recent 106th & Park interview Lupe said that Jeezy approached him and said to Lupe, "i rocks witchu," so I guess that's what led to the collabo. Pretty cool that Jeezy's a Lupe fan.

For you non hip hop heads out there the first rapper you hear is Jeezy, the second rapper is Lupe, and the last rapper is TI. The man doing the singing is F&F recording artist Matthew Santos.

Here's the track...

For more info on Lupe Fiasco go to his official site,

118 Now reason #1 Ima superstar!!!

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