My Guy

On: Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Alright, time to catch you up again.

So my guy Armando is back from Iraq for a couple of weeks so im chillin wit him as much as possible. Listening to him and all his war stories is fascinating. His stories are insane. He's been blown up six times, killed so many people, and seen so many of his friends die. I dont think i could deal with all of that. But i admire the guy because that stuff sounds so dangerous and scary. I worry abou thim when he's gone though. He was the first person i said a word too when i got to high school. And this was even before the first day of classes, this was at Curie football freshman minicamp. I knew nobody there and me and him started talking. We became close and went thru high school together. Now he's overseas risking his life everyday. I worry that one day im going to get a phone call from his family informing me of a tragedy. I hate to think about it but its a reality. I just hope God takes care of him.

118 Good luck man

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