On: Sunday, November 11, 2007

I called T-Mobile yesterday to tell them that my phone was being stupid. This is the second time i call them about a defective phone. The first time i called them was about 3 weeks ago and so they sent me a new phone. I called them because my phone wasnt sending texts like its supposed to and it would take forever to make a call. They sent me the one i have now (same model) and it worked fine up until a week and a half ago. This one is even worse. It makes no sound and it doesnt make phone calls. Period. Texts great tho. So T-Mo said i have the option of having them send me another phone of the same model (no thanks) or to have them send me the KRZR. KRZR please!!! So it should be here in about a week. Lets hope this one works.

The Motorola KRZR is basically a smaller, thinner version of the Razor. I hate Razors but this one is alot better looking so im fine with it. That is all.

118 wish i had the new Sidekick

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