Raw Free

On: Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wat em upz kid they call me Death Rho, and i rep Chicago from the ceiling to the floor. If you wanna find me ima tell you where to go, NIU OhDee house in the middle of Greek Row. But if you in a rush you aint tryna wait in line then walk around Dekalb homeboy i aint hard to find. Just ask for Death Rho also known as the Biz, and I usually rock my letters so you know who im iz. You can look for 118 cuz its usually on my back, my contagious swag n style is something that you wish you didnt lack. But hold on pimpin switch and let me bring it back, Chicago where im from and the southside is where its at, i stay true to my side so you know ima wear the black. Think you know me well homie ima prove you wrong and ima have you dumbfounded by the end of this song. Yea you know my nickname and you know i spit game, but you right man i'm way from afar, i dont only spit game Death Rho spit bars. Listen.

If you think its sweet then ima quote Cassidy and give you the double pipe to eat i like the beef. And while im at it ima cuff your chick too, but it aint really cuffin if your chick was never really feelin you. Cuz dog even when she was with you she was always feelin me, im talkin bout hand down the pants yea that type of feelin me. And even when she was with you i was always feelin her, and im talkin about bustin my nut inside of her yea that type of filling her.

haha Know what i mean??? Death Rho is capable of getting explicit, really mean and obscene. I fuck with some of the baddest chicks that you ever seen, except that you aint never seen em, me i split their legs and get right in between em. This rap game is all in a days work, i go nuts when i spit some could say the flow is bezerk. I spit bars and eat rhymes like its lunch time. And i aint had breakfast yet, matter fact ima eat you all up again if you aint ready and set. Nah. My bar is done son so now you can go, shoulda took notes cuz this was the first and last time you got to fuck with Death Rho.

118 Goin hard

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