Latino Comedy Show

On: Friday, October 19, 2007

Me and my brother went to the annual latino comedy show hosted by the Betas (Sigma Lambda Beta). History shows that OhDeez and Betas are enemies, so much so that we have had rumbles against each other. But i think all that is squashed now cuz the older members of each organization are gone now. Its all new members in the frats and we really have no reason to hate each other. Anyway, the show was hilarious. The first picture (i forgot his name) but dude was hilarious talkin about how black and hispanic women are so much different than white women saying that blacks and hispanics are crazy as hell. He was real animated and he had everybody laughing their ass off. He's about to star in his own show on TV.

This dude right here was funny as hell too. His act consisted of speaking like a straight up fresh out the border Mexican. He had the HEAVY ASS accent going (ofcourse it was just an act). He ended up singing a song for Jackie from Sigma Lambda Gamma (she is SO hot).

Before the show actually started, the host was calling out all the Greek organizations that were at the show. Pretty much all the hispanic frats and sororities were there (we were the only non hispanic frat there, we're multicultural). But when each organization got their name called out, they did their call which was pretty cool. We were definitely the loudest tho, our presence was felt lol

OhDeez is in the buildin!!!

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