On: Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Look, i can be the coolest nigga that you ever meet in your life, im down for whatever nigga, i dont lie so i gotta be right. I fear nothin and nobody i shine bright thru the night, and i wont let you or nobody stand in front of my light. I may not be the tallest but my weight isnt light, matter fact my words and my rhymes make up for what im lackin in height. Real talk. My bars are always as sharp as the eyes of a hawk so much so that dumb niggas become perturbed when i talk. Look it up. When it comes to rhyming man im better than most and whats sad is that i do this for fun yall suck and still boast. Your skills nonexistent they more transparent than ghosts. They'll never be nothin special maybe a nursery rhyme one day and nigga thats at the most. Keep your day job homie your career far as rapping is toast comedy central wouldnt even put you on cuz you too easy to roast. But dont take it personal potna im only letting you know your game is down here you want it up here if you tryin to fuck with Death Rho. Fuck it Death Rho will help you if you really want it that bad, i'll help you learn how to rhyme so you can be as cool as B-Rad. Who am i kidding man youre lackin the dopeness nevermind nigga go home forget it youre hopeless.

118 To be continued...

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