Oh Man (cont.)

On: Monday, October 08, 2007

Just to make it clear to you guys cuz i had a comment asking if i had sex with the 15 year old; NO!!! Ok thanks.

So the next morning me and Ronsonet slept ALL DAY cuz we went til 6am so needless to say we were tired lol We got up around 5pm and then i realized that the Bears were about to play at 7:15pm. They were playing the Packers so you KNOW i wasnt gonna miss the game!!! Ronsonet was super cool about it. She watched most of the game with me but around the 4th quarter she fell asleep lol She was real cool all weekend about everything. She's so much diffeent than Jessica and thats a REALLY good thing. Ok i have to go to my next class so i'll finish up later, again.

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2 comments on "Oh Man (cont.)"

Guilty Secret said...

Yay! Ronsonet sounds cool.

One Eighteen said...

yea shes real cool when she wants to be