My Battle Scar

On: Saturday, October 20, 2007

And then after the comedy show, we had a brotherhood goin on at the frat house. OhDee Boxing lol Hell yea, we had fights scheduled, we had boxing gloves, boxing helmets (whatever theyre called) and mouthpieces. Also, Rammy's hooked us up with about 50 Rammy's roast beef subs for our brotherhood. Delicious!!! I ended up boxing Brandon, man he was nuts!!! Our fight was pretty even but that cut you see over my left eye, i got that from him LAUNCHING himself at me lol He didnt box me, the dude would launch himself at me and hope to land a punch lol Which he did cuz i didnt know how to defend against it lol I rocked his ass a couple of times too but he even said that it wasnt really a boxing match.

118 Battle scarred

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Ronsonet said...

Ouch. I started to say pobrecito. But now im thinking you deserve it..=]

One Eighteen said...