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On: Saturday, October 20, 2007

My friend Krys's blog needed a little flair to it. Not even gonna lie, her blog looked boring as hell. So i told her she needed to get a new one cuz it just wasnt doin it for me lol She was like, well you know me well enough by now so get me one. I hooked her up with this one...

I had to throw the "Geek" in there cuz she is a geek herself and she's proud, right Krys!!!

I customized it for her myself, she gave me her password so i just went ahead and did it cuz she is lost when it comes to HTML. Ofcourse i had to shamelessly plug myself in there lol But yea now her blog looks alot better and almost good enough to eat. I would give out her url but i dont know if she'd like that or not. Peace!!!

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