What Im Doin

On: Thursday, September 13, 2007

As im typing its ONE HOUR til the party opens. Let me tell you how awesome our parties are. DJs fight over who is going to play at our parties. Our DJ today got here FIVE HOURS early. Why??? Because all the DJs know that people line up outside our door before the DJ even gets here so they have learned to get here early lol Crazy right. Also, i get a call from one of my best female friends and this is what she said, "So im at Walmart at 2 in the morning right, and i hear these 3 hoes talkin about OhDeez. They were saying that its gonna be jukin n shit. That they cant wait to go. Thirsty ass girls!!! lol But hey im thirsty for your party too so...lol" Thats right man we get down like that!!! I mean i dont even have to brag, our guests speak FOR US lol We NEVER promote our parties, cuz if we did, we couldnt fit all of the black and hispanic community at NIU in our house lol So its straight word of mouth that makes us a stack a night, charging ONLY MALES. We the shit, plain n simple.

118 Yell em out, OhDeez!!!

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