On: Friday, September 14, 2007

Today i realized that i am pretty well known on a campus of 40,000 students. Everywhere i went today i got "happy birthday Amardo!!!" yelled out at me. Blacks, whites, hispanics, everybody was shouting out my name. For example, i JUST got back from the football tryouts for my frat (which i did amazing in) and when i got back, the guys were playing poker and drinking a keg and having a bonfire in front of the house. I sit down to play and a group of white girls on a jog pass our house and from across the street they yell "Hey Amardo!!! Happy birthday!!!" I have no idea who those sorority girls were lol Then after that, while im trying to deal the poker cards, a car pulls up in front of our house and two lightskin black girls call out my name. They call me over so i walk up to the car and they go, "Happy Birthday Amardo!!! Your party last night was TOO JUKIN!!!" I go "Glad you had fun but we usually have better" She goes "Damn foreal!!! I have a question. Since you guys are doin the VIP wristband thing now, what do i have to do to get one from you???" LOL i was like "I mean, we can do whatever you tryin to do" She goes "Well aight can i get your number or somethin so we can set this up???" LOL I love being an OhDee. And to top it off, i have been getting gifts from EVERYBODY!!! Gifts like OhDee shirts and alcohol and just random cool stuff from different people. Being Greek is awesome. Like a little bit ago i get a call from Martha saying, what are you doing tonight??? I go, my brothers takin me out to the bars. She goes, what time are you coming back can i see you when you get back. I go, yea but i'll probably be drunk as hell. She goes, haha thats cool i dont mind, i have something for you. I go, really!!! What is it. She goes, i aint gon tell you!!! Yea so i have no idea what she givin me. I'm bout to go get ready tho.

118 I wanna live, pray for me

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