Uh Oh, Now Its 8:37

On: Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Every morning i shower at 8:30 and right now it is 8:25 so i have 5 minutes to post something. Last night was cool, Ashley came over and i took her to Burritoville and on the way we found my big bro David and he came with us cuz he was "hungry as a muthafuck" lol Ashley started trippin tho when she bit into some of the condiments that Burritoville had cuz it was too hot for her lol Her face turned red and i was surprised too cuz me and her always eat Mexican food and she has never said anything was too hot lol It was hilarious cuz she was like, HOMES I'M DYIN!!! Everybody was looking at us like she was crazy lmao We came back to the house after that and looked at Scarface for a little bit cuz she had to go. She got to meet alot of my brothers last night and all of them asked if i was fucking her. I told them no and they were like, why not??? She's hot!!! And i was like, I know but it would just be weird if we did that lol I love Ashley but its a different type of love. Its more like the love of a brother towards a sister. I do get jealous when she likes a guy or is talking to a dude but thats just cuz i am protective of her. I never stop her from talking to guys. I don't think me and Ashley could even be together cuz she is too hardheaded and she always thinks she's right, and so do I. So that wouldn't work lol She IS my best friend tho. I would do anything for that girl for real. I guess it IS possible for a boy and a girl to be friends without either one of them looking for anything sexual. Don't get me wrong, Ashley is sexy as hell and pretty as hell and there WAS a time when i was sexually attracted to her, but since i met her a couple years ago, the relationship me and her develop is alot more valuable to me than sex. She's somebody i want to be there for the rest of my life. Sex would ruin that.

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