Holy Shit

On: Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fuck it lets go...

I murder a rhyme one word at a time
Its like im commiting a crime when i murder these lines
You right i dont murder these rhymes i slaughter these rhymes
And ima slaughter the pussy of your girlfriend hold up rewind!!!
Ima slaughter the pussy of your girlfriend its mine
What you thought it was yours my nigga you blind
I been hittin that for months so much its gettin old
Last time i seen her we fucked i got up and rolled
Just like that nigga, im bold and im cold
Show me a stack and her pussy is sold
Dont place bets against me nigga you best when you fold
Im so sick when i spit that you might you catch a cold.
Dont trip tho cuz i got this way under control
I may not have years on me but my success was foretold
But how far my success can go now thats untold cuz nobody knows
All i know is that ima live this shit up and not fuck wit you hoes
Instead ima just fuck wit my flows and fuck wit my bros
And what about my foes naw i aint fuckin wit those!!!
Now before i bring this bitch to a close this how it goes
In high school they used to call me speedy cuz im swift on my toes
Now they call me DeathRho my popularity rose
Here's a word of advice for you little boy
Stop runnin your mouth cuz all of us you startin to annoy
And as much as you wanna be me you not me you couldnt even be a decoy
Nigga thats sad fuck it you small go play wit your toys ima take over, and ima start wit illinois
Ya boy causin some noise and im enjoying the love
So i have to count my blessings and give thanks to the lord above
I know he watchin me and keeping me safe
Thats why i'm thankful for everyday that i wake
Cuz you never know who gunnin for you they slither like snakes
Its cool tho cuz at some point we all gotta leave
But i aint leavin today nigga best better believe
And I represent chicago nigga everytime that i breathe
I never lie aint no reason to i never mislead
Im as hard as they come im mean and a better breed
So go smoke on your weed if its what you feel that you need
I dont smoke the plants but i am planting my seed
Whether its on the mic or in the books when i sit down to read
Ima be satisfying my greed
Aint no need to proceed cuz i aint gettin paid for this shit
Best thing for you to do right now is to quit

118 So fucking raw!!!

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