Man O Man

On: Thursday, September 06, 2007

So as i've said before, i have a crush on this girl Ronsonet. Well...i found out something about her that just turned me the hell on!!! She sent me a text message saying "I blogged" so i went and looked at her blog and this is what i found...

Man o man

6 09 2007

If I were really into girls…which I am really attracted to a few. This girl would be one I’d hook up with. Like she is so cool and chill and emo and punk rocker chick and I think she’s so dope. It would be real cool just to like hang out and kick it with her. We could like really get into some shit. Her body’s kinda hot too. But I wouldnt like do anything with her I dont think. I just think she’s pretty and a cool person.

Ok thats just hot!!! And then i talked to Roz and i asked her if she would fuck Nia and Roz said, no i like penis better than oral anyday, but if she can put on a strap on then maybe we can work something out. I was like, i'll pay some money to see THAT go down!!! Her friend is hot as fuck too!!!

118 Gettin me hard just thinkin about it lol

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Roz said...

Lol you are such a fucking dork