Crank Dat!!!

On: Friday, September 07, 2007

Tonight was supposed to be nothing special. Carlos invited some girls over and that was supposed to be it. Everything was cool and low key for a while but then it started getting a little bit loud. I was upstairs doing my homework but i had my door open. Andrew walks into my room and goes, Amardo there are like 200 people downstairs!!! You need to come down. I was like, i got homework to do son!!! lol Later on he comes up again, and then carlos, and then carlitos all to tell me the same thing; there are SO MANY bad ass black girls downstairs right now!!! (My brothers already now my taste in women lol). I was like man i gotta do this homework. So i did i stayed in my room like a good boy. After i was done with my homework tho i figured i wasnt gonna be able to sleep, too loud and i was upset for different reasons. So i was like fuck it. I took a shower and went downstairs. My brothers were NOT lying; HELLA BAD ASS BLACK GIRLS EVERYWHERE!!! lol They werent all black tho there was some white girls and some hispanic girls too. But my brothers were getting taken care of for sure lol But i mean they were juking their ass off!!! There was one girl that stood out tho, all the dudes were tryin to get a dance wit her. She was kinda short, 5'3" maybe and light skinned and absolutely mixed, i'll say black and puerto rican wit some white in her. She was raw tho in her little yellow shirt and super tight capris on. She had a tattoo on her arm and i really wanted to know what it was so i went up to her and grabbed her and she started juking me. I had some bad ass timing too cuz when i grabbed her "Grind With Me" started playing lol I swear i have never ever been juked like how she juked me. EVERYBODY i mean everybody was watching cuz babygirl snapped!!! I had trouble standin up straight cuz she was just MAN!!! But you know i couldnt let her show me up so i pushed right back on her, no girl was gonna get the best of me in my own house!!! Not even this bad little girl. After it was all done she turned around and was like, One Eighteen??? What does that mean??? I was like, its a long story. And she was like, do you live here??? I said, uh huh. So she goes, lets go to your room you can tell me the whole story. I knew this girl wasnt tryin to hear NO STORY lol She pulls me to the hallway and goes, where's your room and i go, up these stairs. And before i even finished my sentence one of her girls comes in between us and tells her that one of their friends had just got into a fight at PhiKaps. So Jocelyn (thats her name) looked at me and said, can you call me tonight??? I was like, no. And she said WHY!!! I said, cuz i dont have your number lol So she gave it to me and i dialed it so she could have mine. She was like, ok bye and you better call me cuz i'm not going to sleep until you do!!! In my head im thinkin, this bitch is crazy lol She kisses me bye and leaves. 5 minutes later i get a text from her saying, ima be so mad if you dont call. They start playing Crank Dat Soulja Boy and we all dancing and what not havin an awesome time. I never got to see what her tattoo was. Its 3:45 now and i still havent called.

118 Superman Dat Hoe!!!

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