On: Sunday, September 23, 2007


Unfortunately i dont have a picture of Dominique and i cant steal one off the net cuz i'm not on MySpace no more and she got her page on private lol I'll go over her house today if i have time and get one from her.

But yea Dominique, she will always be the girl that got away (even tho she lives five houses down from mine lol She is absolutely positively undeniably GORGEOUS!!! Everybody knows how much i love Tyra Banks. Well Dominique has Tyra's face, yup in a sexy ass curvy petite body. Makes me horny just looking at her (she knows this too, she takes GOOD care of me lmao) Me and Dominique had our good times this past summer (until her man got out of jail lol) (Oh yea, her man and i graduated out of grammar school together lol i aint even know) Hopefully we'll get to do it all over again next summer lol Dominique and I grew up together on the same block and we went to grammar school together. I can see her anytime i want all i have to do is walk my ass to her house down the street. Or i can just shout her name out (ghetto as hell) and she'll come out lol

118 Nicki!!!

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