Souljaboy G.O.D. Mixtape

On: Friday, December 30, 2011

One thing I love to do is blog while sipping on an energy drank. In this case its Full Throttle (the blue can cuz they were out of the black can). Its ok... tastes like UV Blue without the alcohol =[

But anyway, I just downloaded Souljaboy's (twitter: @souljaboy) new mixtape G.O.D. (Gold on Deck). What do I gotta say about it? Its Soulja bein Soulja! Plain and simple. Talkin mad shit about his money and his hoes. Ain't nothin on here that you'll hear on the radio but its a good mixtape to smoke a blunt to, and THAT is always good thing.

Standout: Smoking Session; Swag Daddy
Sit back down: I Will

118 Ocean Gang!!!

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