New MacBook Pro + some more shit

On: Monday, December 26, 2011

Aight well I don't know if anybody still blogs on Blogger like they used to (because of Twitter and Tumblr) but since Blogger was the first place I began blogging I am going to continue. I've been MIA (stupid MIA) but now that my boss got me this dope ass MacBook Pro for Christmas...

...I feel like typing up some shit again. In its lengthy history my blog has been about different things. First it was mainly about sneakers cuz I love new kicks. So I would post shit like this:

These some fresh Js I got last week. I used to do this ALOT. Only thang is back when I first started this blog I didn't have a job (I was like a freshman in high school) so I would blog about sneakers I saw on lol But now that I'm out of college and have a full-time career, I buy em! No kids, no wife, all my money goes to me... and bills... and paying back loans. Fuck! If yall wanna know what a nigga looks like then here you go...

So yea, Ima try to get back into this shit, not just blogging about my cool ass shoes but about everything that goes on in this crazy adventure I call "life." Leave comments, show love for ya boy or else I'll choke you out or break your arm off, I study Brazilian Jiu Jitzu (did I forget to mention that?) lol

118 <--- I missed doing that

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