Good Intentions Gone Bad

On: Thursday, October 08, 2009

A mob of angry NIU students gathered at the MLK Commons this Thursday afternoon, most of them armed with cell phone cameras and camcorders eager to snap a picture or shoot a video of a man who calls himself “Shawn the Baptist.” Shawn the Baptist carried with him a large sign sitting on top of a metal pole that read “Warning: Pot smokers, drunkards, sodomites. Immodest women, pagans, sex freaks, parties, porn freaks, abortionists, feminists, liars, evolutionists, music idolaters, and all non-Christians, judgment is coming!” Needless to say more than a few NIU students were present and eager to disagree with Shawn the Baptist on multiple accounts.

“I understand the point that he was trying to make but he just did it in a completely inappropriate way,” said Ruben Ramos, a senior Media Studies major. Ramos continued, “Obviously not everybody at NIU is Christian and for him to say that all non-Christians are going to go to hell is absolutely asking for trouble.”

Ramos’ opinion was shared by many if not all of Shawn the Baptist’s protesters.

Andrew Flack, a junior Corporate Communications major and an active Christian, offered his opinion, “I won’t say that I am guilty of all the things on his sign but I definitely am guilty of a lot of them. However I don’t consider myself a bad person at all. I am actually a very nice guy!”

The students protesting Shawn the Baptist’s message argued that the message itself made it hard for anybody to agree with it, whether the individual is religious or not. Not to mention that he is bringing his message to a college campus, where a large number of students are more than likely guilty of most of the items on his list. Students argued that just because an individual has sex, smokes pot, idolizes certain types of music, and/or likes to party does not make him or her deserving of going to hell. One student brought up the point that if everything on Shawn the Baptist’s sign was so evil, why were so many people angrily gathering to strongly challenge his message? Shawn the Baptist simply responded, “Because you are all in love with your sins. I used to commit sins, I don’t anymore. Ever.”

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Note: I wrote this story for a class assignment and was not allowed to give my own opinion in the story. But this is MY blog and I am more than allowed to say what I feel lol And the following is exactly how I feel...

I got one life to live so Ima live it however the fuck I wanna live it. Fuck what yall say! Fuck especially what Shawn the Baptist say [crazy old man on my the pic]. That dude can suck my dick!!!

118 I hope hell has enough room for all of us

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Anonymous said...

I believe this preacher "Sean the Baptist" is right on with his message. Repentance and Faith in Christ Jesus as the only way to be forgiven and go to heaven is Good News and is the true demonstration of God's love for mankind. I say, keep it up preacher at NIU!