Don't Mind the Missing Wall Tile

On: Sunday, May 31, 2009

My little cousin smashed his head on it!!! Haha
Don't worry he's straight!!!

Brand new Aviators on deck shawty

118 A nigga is only as fresh as his fade... and I'm FRESH - One-Eighteen

6 comments on "Don't Mind the Missing Wall Tile"

Miss Laur said...

That's loookin' riiighht.
I say its FRESSH.

One Eighteen said...

Almost as fresh as you... almost


Jaimie said...

Diggin the shades and the cut.

One Eighteen said...

Diggin YOU Jaimie


lipstick cherry said...

northside. & YOU?

One Eighteen said...

Southside! But I go up to the northside to hit the bars with my frat bros from NEIU... so I be up in Wrigleyville alot