BumpJr, Matt B, Flor C - Muah Thru the Phone

On: Friday, May 01, 2009

Let me just call this a learning experience

Yes, I wrote all the lyrics, and yes Flor is singing the hook in spanish lol My shoes light up by the way, but I was so mad at the dj fucking up my previous 2 songs that I forgot to turn my shoes on. Im pissed.

118 1 show down, 50 million to go

3 comments on "BumpJr, Matt B, Flor C - Muah Thru the Phone"

Ronsonet said...

It would have been nice if you could have actually been heard. But your groupies were shouting over you. How rude.

One Eighteen said...

Haha!!! Those werent the only groupies i had... those were just the ones that rushed the stage


Total Oreo said...

:rolling my eyes: