Back to the Hood

On: Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just some shit I felt like sharing...

I ended up goin back to my old neighborhood today cuz I had some business to take care of but while I was there I pulled out the G1 and took a couple of pictures for yall.

This is Kanoon Elementary... this is where I used to go to grammar school when I was younger and its in the Little Village area. For yall that don't know, Little Village is the heart of the Mexican hood in Chicago. Actually this is a magnet school, which means that if you take it seriously, you'll actually learn some valuable shit in here lol

This right here is Farragut High School and my old crib (pic after Farragut) is 3 houses from Farragut... we on the same block n shit. Kevin Garnett came up out of here when he got drafted into the NBA. Back when I use to stay there this was the worst high school you could go to in Chicago... didn't NOBODY wanna go here. I remember everyday there would be fights inside and outside of the school. 99% of the time it was race or gang related. A lot of hate was goin on in that school at the time... these days its mostly hispanics goin there so it ain't as bad no more.

And this is the house I grew up at. Still got lots of love and will always have lots of love for it. My auntie stays here now and her and her family fixed it up... used to be REAL fucked up after we moved out. This house is the culmination of my childhood memories. Sometimes I wish that for just a day I could go back and relive my childhood... yea it was a bad neighborhood but man I had so much fun growing up.

And for no reason at all... here is a picture I took when I was at Jewels. I call it heaven lol

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