Make One False Move I'll Take Ya Down

On: Saturday, August 16, 2008

Me and my girl went to see Tropic Thunder yesterday and man that shit was FUNNY. It was extra funny to me too tho cuz I was elevated as hell lol We got there and got the tickets but we were super early (she drives recklessly fast lol) so we went to sit in the theater n wait cuz we already had the drinks and the popcorn. For some reason a lot of people I knew from high school and a couple other places were there. Shit was weird cuz I hadn't seen em in years. So when we walked into the movie it was already showing the end credits and they were showing over Ludacris' "Get Back" and if you know the song then you know its pretty hype.

And if you DON'T know the song, here it is. Just push play.

Well when we walked into the dark movie room, one of the clean up guys was dancing his ass off in the back and remember, this is the end of the movie so he thinks nobody is watching cuz why would anybody walk in when the movie is over? lol And this guy was white and nerdy lookin as hell, you know the kind of white guy you would NEVER expect to even know what rap is! The type of guy that would be a 40 year old virgin (and he looked in his late 20s) lol Lame as hell but he was acting crunk as fuck I mean homeboy was FEELIN the song! He was rapping to the song like "GET BACK MUTHAFUCKA YOU DON'T KNOW ME LIKE THAT!!!" haha Good shit!!!

The funniest part was when I was standin there tryna not get swung on cuz he definitely didn't see us back there so when I walked past him still doin his crunk thing he looked at me and IMMEDIATELY (I swear to God) stood straight up like he had never been goin nuts to the song. Yall should have seen the surprised ass look on his face!!! lmao Nothin but love for homeboy tho. Unlike other genres of music, hip hop is universal. Every age and race listens to it and appreciates it. GOT to.

Its funny cuz I was talkin to my parents about that just yesterday too! My dad asked me if there were any rappers other than Eminem that were not black lol I schooled em for a little bit but I also told him that hip hop is pretty much the only genre that basically the whole world agrees on and listens to. Think about it, does the whole world listen to country, R&B, or even rock? No. But does the whole world listen to rap and hip hop? Yes. Even if its not all the same artists. My uncle has a drinking buddy who's from Slovakia. I was over at my uncle's crib kickin it and his friend was there too and he asked me if I had ever heard Slovakian hip hop and I was like, what? He got on YouTube and looked up some artists from his country and showed me what the most popular music is over there. Guess what? It was rap. In Slovakian of course (not sure what their language is called so I'm sorry if I offend anyone by sayin that). But I mean the rappers were dressed in hip hop fashion and if it wasn't for the foreign language, you would have thought that it was an American rap video! It was not very different at all. I asked my uncle's friend what they were rapping about and he said, life. Fuck it, let's all rock to this shit.

118 So come on come on, DON'T get swung on swung on!!!

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queenbee said...

hip hop is very universal and this is coming from a born and bred african--all over the world ppl who don't speak english but can rap a whole tupace or biggie song.

as a matter of fact, my boyf is french and he barely can speak english but he's into hard core rap and shit, and he put me onto some hella good french rap too

love ur blog, btw