Hot Boys - If I Ain't a Hot Boy

On: Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Hot Boys are back!!! And yes they're droppin a new album, more details on that when I get a reliable source with all the details. For now, check out this song right here and I'm guessing it'll be on their upcoming album.

If I ain't a hot boy then what do you call THAT???

4 comments on "Hot Boys - If I Ain't a Hot Boy"

Andre said...

I fucks wit it!
I'd cop, I just hope Manny's not doin all the production, I mean he's a beast but they've grown as lyricists and need a vast array of producers... or just Zaytoven, Toomp or Yeezy!

One Eighteen said...



A.M. said... I'm the worst to comment on this. I just like Beyonce hehe.

Miss Foxxy said...

FORREAL?!! are they really? omg.. i'mma cop that.. i loved, looooved the hot boys back when they first came out.. i followed weezy from there, too. this is so exciting, thx for puttin' us up on this!