Asher Roth - I Love College

On: Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I love college too!!! haha Asher Roth gets it all right on this track. I completely feel him on the don't fall asleep with your shoes on!!! haha And don't hit if she's too drunk, wow, i know all about that and I know Aaron does too lol Good shit Asher Roth. He still not gonna blow tho. Jay-Z passed on his ass, he was like, ok you're nice but no thanks lol Oh and by the way, thanks to Cesar for tellin me to check out the song, big ups.


118 He's nice

2 comments on "Asher Roth - I Love College"

Kieya said...

LOL that was a good song

i'm sure it'd be a perfect anthem

Bombchell said...

"time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted" ha ha ha so college!!