Walmart To Launch Apparel Line By Master P

On: Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Walmart To Launch Apparel Line By Master P

Walmart will launch an exclusive apparel line in the fall designed by rapper Master P and his son, fellow rapper Romeo, Walmart spokeswoman Linda Blakley said Monday.

The urban-inspired apparel line, P. Miller, will include graphic T-shirts, hoodies and denim and will be available at a limited number of Walmart stores.

It’s the father-son duo’s second deal with Walmart.

Master P, aka Percy Miller, and his son, formerly known as Lil Romeo, in 2007 made Walmart the exclusive physical retailer of their coreleased album, “Miller Boys: Hip-Hop History.”


Master P, are you not tired of failed projects??? WalMart man??? I mean I LOVE WalMart but do you really think niggas are gonna go to WalMart to buy clothes??? How many copies did "Miller Boys: Hip-Hop History" sell???

118 No te digo...

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