Vonnegutt Interview Tomorrow Night

On: Tuesday, July 08, 2008

As my first assignment from My Swag Magazine, I will have the honor of interviewing up and coming rap/rock band Vonnegutt. Vonnegutt, pronounced Von-a-Get, is performing tomorrow at the 2008 Vans Warped Tour in Atlanta, Georgia. These guys are the real deal!!! If you are looking for a new sound in hip hop, Vonnegutt is it. These guys are definitely doing their thing and doing it well enough that they are currently in contract negotiations with Big-Boi (of Outkast) and his label, Purple Ribbon Records.


I am interviewing Kyle Lucas (pictured w/ shades), the emcee/frontman of the band, tomorrow night and the interview will be posted in the next issue of My Swag Magazine so stay tuned for that. I am including the band's MySpace page so that yall can look at it and listen to their music and if there are any questions that you want me to ask Kyle, let me know and I'll ask him for you tomorrow night.

Vonnegutt on MySpace

So go to the band's page and come up with some questions that you want me to ask in the interview.

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2 comments on "Vonnegutt Interview Tomorrow Night"

Farren said...

I'm assuming they must be somehow influenced or have read Vonnegut. Welcome to the Monkey House is amazing. =)

One Eighteen said...

the author Kurt Vonnegutt Jr. yup you're absolutely right.