Some Mo Pics

On: Monday, July 21, 2008

Here go some pics I don't think I've posted yet, and some I KNOW I haven't posted yet lol

Demiera lookin fly as ever

Bushra showin lots of love!!!

Me (white shirt, jean shorts) commanding the troops on a lil 5-on-5 football

Me, Chris, & the man Danny Gaichas

left to right; Hugo, Bryan, Armando's drunk ass, Gerardo, Aaron, & me

Ruben, Lincoln, Gerardo, & me

118 That's all folks

8 comments on "Some Mo Pics"

socialedisturbed. said...

your blog roll is gonna get blown up... with a BAZOOKA :P

Bombchell said...

lol its cool how your friends send you pictures with 118. lol if i ever see one & I have a camera I'll send it ure way (^_^)

Princess.Maria said...

lol really i have seen a few blogs of hispanics ....i started blogging not too long ago and i'm loving it lol



One Eighteen said...

@ Bombchell i would love you forever

@ Princess.Maria youre the first legit one i seen!!! so keep doin your thing girl


Bombchell said...
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Bombchell said...

yo 118 you might have to live up to it.

so weird and random: about an hour later i read you comment tonite, when I went to my car, I was parked by building 118!!!

so i took a pic with my friend's cell. where do i send it?

[sorry above comment is mine, can't believe blogger left it there]

One Eighteen said...

you know what, if i hadnt already heard so many weird 118 run in stories i woulda been surprised lol send the pic to and yes, i officially love you forever and youre going on the blogroll...if youre not there already lol


MyLoveMyLife said...

lol. lookin good daddy! keep posting them pics. and keepin me informed of all thats going on in the world of 118. MUAHZZ!!