R.I.P. DJ K-Swift

On: Monday, July 21, 2008

R.I.P. Khia Edgerton aka DJ K-SWIFT

Baltimore DJ K-Swift Dies In Swimming Pool Accident
July 21st, 2008 | Author: Slava Kuperstein

Khia "K-Swift" Edgerton, one of Baltimore, Maryland's most popular DJ, died early today (July 21) after a pool accident in her home.

The 29-year-old, whose cause of death is to be determined pending an autopsy, had been hosting a party at her house Sunday evening into early this morning, according to the Baltimore Sun. Police believe that she may have been drinking.

Reports say that during the party, the DJ jumped into her above-ground pool (which was four or five feet deep) with several other people, but didn't resurface. After some time, her friends pulled her out of the pool onto a metal-frame deck adjoining the pool, and called 911.

When paramedics arrived, Edgerton was breathing "very shallow and her pulse was weak," according to Baltimore police spokesman Donny Moses. She was pronounced dead soon after her arrival to Good Samaritan Hospital.

K-Swift was known to listeners of WERQ-FM 92.3 - 92Q for short - as the "Club Queen," and helped introduce a younger generation to Baltimore's club scene. She worked for the radio station for 10 years, where she eventually became the only female in the country to hold the title of Female Mix Show Coordinator.

"She had an enormous following and meant a lot to the people of Baltimore," said Howard Mazer, 92Q station manager. "People just gravitated to her. ... When she threw parties, thousands of people would come," he said, explaining how K-Swift performed up and down the East Coast, spreading Baltimore club music to new demographics.

"It's a terrible loss to all of us and the city of Baltimore."

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**Queen B** said...

i read about this on bossip..so sad.

Psyche said...

OMG. That is terrible.

**Queen B** said...

thats so kool...yayy i ma add you on too, to my blog roll...hey what are you?nationality wise??

MyLoveMyLife said...

She was brought to and died at the hospital i work in. She will be missed and was loved by many. I dropped Kelson (her best friend and fellow b-more dj) a message, i'll call him this weekend. so sad. RIP Khia

Bombchell said...

so sad...

@ mylovelife: to all y'all my condolences

@ 118: goodluck with the final. lol u need to deactivate your internet till ur done studying.

One Eighteen said...

@ Queen B I am 100% Mexican. Nothin but Mexican blood runs thru these veins.

@ MyLoveMyLife Hit me with the details when you get em aight

@ Bombchell You cant turn off the internet!!! lol But i did ok on the exam i think


MyLoveMyLife said...

u pretty much got it all right there. there was speculation that she had been drinking but who the hell doesnt? u know they gotta try to FIND SOMETHING on her. my boyfriends went to her funeral this weekend. i was out of town, he said it was nice.