Jody Breeze - A Milli

On: Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just like Breeze says in the song, you know he had to lol The only problem I have with this A Milli is that Jody Breeze bites off of Lil Wayne's flow. And let's face it, Breeze even looks like Wayne lol Other than that, its an awesome A Milli. Top 3 A Milli for sure.

118 Ima drop you like you're Clinton and I'm Obama!!!

3 comments on "Jody Breeze - A Milli"

Lina said...

What are your other top two?

One Eighteen said...

Soooo glad you asked lol

my top 3 A Milli (no particular order) not including Lil Wayne of course

Jody Breeze
Asher Roth (not so much for flow, but for content)

worst 3 A Milli

Lil Mama


Serena said...

Well said.