G-Unit - T.O.S. Review

On: Tuesday, July 08, 2008

G-Unit's sophomore effort, TOS or Terminate On Sight. What do I think of it??? I know, you're probably thinking Ima gun the fuck out of it lol Which I would LOVE to do but you know what, it wouldn't be fair. Terminate On Sight isn't all that bad. It has its strong points and its weaknesses.

First, the good. I like the club songs on the album. "Wanna Lick" ft Lil Kim is decent (guess they ain't lettin the theme from Lil Kim's "How Many Licks" ft Sisqo, go). "I Like the Way She Do It" is ok (even though the remix ft Lil Wayne is ALOT better, and don't worry, I'm posting it lol). I can definitely see myself being at the club or at a party and these songs comin on and all the girls jukin the fuck out of whoever is there. "Casualties of War" is aight, I can see myself bumpin it in the whip after I've had a few drinks at a bar, club, or party and I'm on my way home.

Now the bad. "Rider pt2" is whack as fuck and I think its stupid that it was chosen to be the lead single. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa??? Wow lol And you know what, the best part of the song is Young Buck!!! Who is no longer a member!!! lol Wow 50 is stupid for letting him and The Game go. The hook on "Kitty Kat" sounds like its a transvestite singin the shit. "Terminate on Sight" disappointed me being that its the title-track. Something I realized while listening to the album is that in alot of songs G-Unit bites off of other legendary rap groups songs and styles. They bite off of NWA on "Straigh Outta Southside" even though G-Unit tries saying that its a tribute (they are really just biting off of (Straight Outta Compton). And in "Money Make the World Go Round" Yayo starts off by biting off of Wu-Tang's signature mega-hit "C.R.E.A.M." which I think is a sin cuz I LOVE Wu-Tang!!! Even the song title is a bite-off because C.R.E.A.M. stands for Cash Rules Everything Around Me and don't you think thats a little too similar to "Money Makes the World Go Round???" lol

Overall I think the album is an OK album if you're a G-Unit fan. It really isn't sayin anything or making any contributions to rap or hip hop music. Its not breaking any barriers and it certainly isn't anything revolutionary. Its just a rap album. I still think that the album would have been better if The Game was on it. If The Game was on it then it probably would have been alot more groundbreaking and a WHOLE LOT MORE lyrical. Lloyd Banks is the only reason to listen to the album, he's the only real emcee that G-Unit the group, and G-Unit the label, really has. I don't know about yall but I miss the good old Get Rich or Die Tryin days...

Here go some songs for you to listen to for yourself

This one is hot!!! But it ain't on the album haha

118 Do not C.O.S. (Cop On Sight)

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what about piano man or close to me
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