G-Unit - Close To Me

On: Thursday, July 17, 2008

G-Unit barely sold 100,000 copies after its premiere on Billboard. I think its safe to say that G-Unit is not a powerhouse rap group anymore. The song is aimed at the females, just like all G-Unit's recent shit. Best advice I can give them is to break up. Banks, you are too good of a rapper to stay with the Unit. Go solo and go platinum my nigga. 50, you're biggest recent hit was Ayo Technology. Go back to working with Timbaland, trust me, it works. If not, go back to the gangsta shit with Dre and Em. Yayo, you're hopeless. Go back to jail.

G-Unit - Close To Me

118 G-G-G-G-G-G-G-U don't have it anymore!!!

3 comments on "G-Unit - Close To Me"

dessex said...

for some reason I don't think G-Unit the group was much of a power house to begin with. People jus talked about the group because of 50. Nobody is interested anymore

Bombchell said...

WOW i haven't heard Banks in a while! what G-unit just released an album or a song??

hmm if they play it at the club then I'll know it, but i don't think I've heard anything.

One Eighteen said...

they released an album this past week. its cool if you had no idea, nobody really cared lol