Favre Interview Pt 1

On: Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I think that Brett Favre is arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game (Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Dan Marino might have something to say about that). For the Packers to be acting like some assholes to him after Favre won a SuperBowl for you is just ridiculous. Who was your best player last season? Brett Favre. Who has BEEN your best player in the history of your franchise? Brett Favre. Who is the pride of your town, Green Bay? Brett Favre. Shit who is the HEART of the NFL? Brett Favre (and this is coming from a Chicago Bears fan).

Brett Favre simply changed his mind about wanting to play the game. Lets think about another player who left his sport because he didn't want to play anymore, and then came back and had tremendous success...oh yea Michael Jordan!!! Would you say no to Michael Jordan??? Did the media hate on Michael Jordan??? No. Why? Because the Bulls knew better than to say no to a LEGEND that could still play. This controversy would NOT be a controversy had the Packers said that they would give Favre his job back. But since they didn't, now the media wants to make Favre look like a bad guy??? Fuck out of here with that BULLSHIT. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has shown more HEART on the field and more LOVE FOR THE GAME than Brett Favre. I hate the Packers but Brett Favre is what every single player that ever straps on a helmet SHOULD BE.

You know what Favre, I was against it before but since the media and the people want to hate on you now, I want you to SUE the fuck out these Packers and come to the Bears. Who has more hate for the Packers than the Bears??? Nobody. But I know that's not the type of guy you are so I just hope everything works out for you.

118 Fuck the Packers

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