Ey Shawty

On: Thursday, July 03, 2008

This could have been a really good couple's picture but I aimed the camera really bad and got left out the picture lol Its cool, Demiera looks good. I took this on the bus somewhere downtown. This is from the day we went to the zoo and then to Zacatacos!!!

And this one she just sent over cuz she said she was "bored" lol I guess this is what she's wearing to The Taste today and I am not complaining.

118 Even tho she looks 14 lol

2 comments on "Ey Shawty"

Demiera said...

aww a post about me lol...
first pic - my forehead looks humongous. its not that big in real life
second pic - i was bored lol
its okay, you'll have plenty of time to brush up on your couples pic skills lol

One Eighteen said...

fir shizzle demizzle