Big Boi ft Mary J. Blige - Sumthins' Gotta Give

On: Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is a BEAST of a song as well. Big Boi never disappoints does he, and neither does MJB. Both of them were on their job while recording this one. Big Boi is super lyrical on this track and Mary J puts down one of her signature hooks on it and she even throws in a little pro-Obama snippet on the track.

Big Boi ft Mary J. Blige - Sumthins' Gotta Give

118 A little not alotta just enough to fill that bottle

3 comments on "Big Boi ft Mary J. Blige - Sumthins' Gotta Give"

The F$%K it List said...

This is my joint right here. I love that they did a song that will actually help the campaign, like Nas.


Kei said...

I absolutely love Mary J. Blige! And being from the south, we are always up on what goes on with OutKast (dre or Big Boi). I love the song as well, especially the snippet for Obama. Hopefully this country is on the road to some better things!

One Eighteen said...

this country HAS to be headed for better things. the governments' corruption here is insane.