Andrew's Voicemail

On: Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last night I was talkin to my frat brother Andrew and he told me to check out his Facebook status. It read "Just cuz my flame is low, it doesn't mean I ain't HOT!!!"

I asked him where he got the line from and he said that he made it up. He asked me what I thought about the line and I said that it was whack unless there was metaphorical meaning behind the "low flame." He tried about 3 times to put metaphorical meaning behind it while we were talking and couldn't do it lol

I got a voicemail from Andrew today, and this is what he said...

"Hey, I came to the conclusion that my "FLAME", meaning I don't need to be stuntin to the max but still burn a nigga, you know what I'm sayin?

I'm still hot!!!

Whether I got little flame, or a big flame. Whether I'm out runnin the world, or whether its over. Aight? Peace."

You try hard Andrew, you try hard. You my nigga for life folk.

118 Can't say nothin about a nigga that TRIES

2 comments on "Andrew's Voicemail"

Demiera said...

I have two words for this...

Fuckin Flack


Andre said...

It's kinda hot, you gotta give him that 1...