WTF??? Take This Man Off the Song!!!

On: Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Im sorry but after listening to Jay-Z on Wayne's song (the previous post) it has become really clear to me that Jay-Z might have millions and millions of dollars and he may be fucking Beyonce but as a rap artist, he's overrated. Jay-Z didn't say anything clever or anything that stood out in the song. And its not only that, every song he has released in the past few years has been a disappointment. And on Mr. Carter, he's saying that people are mentioning his name with Biggie and Pac. If this is true, then whoever is mentioning his name in the same sentence as Biggie and Pac, needs to get slapped right across their face because in no way shape or form is Jay-Z on either one of their levels (and i'm not even a Biggie fan!). Biggie and Pac were legends that died for what they loved. You have no right and have done nothing to deserve being mentioned in the same sentence as those two. Jay-Z, retire and stay retired this time please. Stop ruining other GOOD rapper's records with your garbage ass verses. My little cousin can come out with some harder shit than you.

118 Long live Pac; fuck a Jay-Z

2 comments on "WTF??? Take This Man Off the Song!!!"

Anonymous said...

You're nuts. Jay-Z did his thing on that song. Even Lil Wayne did a Jay verse on that song.

One Eighteen said...

You're right he DID do his thing, its just too bad that his thing is whack and ruins the always.