is DatBizness!!!

On: Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guess what everybody. I am now getting paid to blog! lol I mean its not big money, anybody can do it. Even you!!! lol Just go to and register. The link to my new blog is and it is basically the same as Thee Life of 118 except that I try to keep the cursing down lol But don't worry because Thee Life of 118 is my personal blog and by no means will I stop blogging here. So keep hitting this page up and hit DatBizness up as well too.

118 Nothings changed, Im still the same

3 comments on " is DatBizness!!!"

Demiera said...

So you're finally getting paid to do what you do all the time for free. So where's my credit? I should have gotten some type of acknowledgement for telling you about getting paid to blog in the first place, cuz if i hadn't you'd still be writing for free...geez...i thought i'd have a name mention in the blog or something lol

One Eighteen said...

I will dedicate a post to you on DatBizness ok


Demiera said...

lol okay =)