Rose Is Comin Home

On: Thursday, June 26, 2008

Derrick Rose is a Bull!!! He's comin home to Chicago!!!

Man I remember when I was in high school there was this freshman from Simeon named Derrick Rose that all the guys from the basketball team were talking about and then all the coaches were talking about him. And then all the hoes were talkin about him lol I was curious to see who this guy was that had everybody sayin his name. Curie and Simeon have been rivals forever and I always went to the ball game whenever Simeon came to Curie. Curie vs Simeon was always a good game cuz Curie has a rep for always being at the very least decent every year. When I watched Derrick play I seriously thought that even after all the hype I had been hearing, thought he was underrated. Yea, that's how awesome he has been since high school. NBA material no doubt about it even in high school so needless to say I been ecstatic since the Bulls won the NBA Lottery (literally hit the lottery lol) back in May. I knew right then that Derrick Rose was coming home.


Derrick Rose alone is enough for me to start watching the Bulls religiously again, something I haven't done since His Airness was playing. The Chicago Bulls just won the NBA Championship with this guy.

118 Welcome home, Derrick

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