RIP Briana

On: Monday, June 30, 2008

My pet tiger ameiva died three days ago and I buried her yesterday in my backyard. The couple of days before she died she was acting really weird and she wouldn't eat. She became really bad at hunting. She would lunge at a cricket and miss half of the time whereas before it would take ONE lunge and the cricket was lunch. Briana was a BEAST! I don't know why she died though. Did she get sick? Did she die of starvation because she couldn't hunt? I don't know. Before I buried her I wrapped her up in paper towels and I placed her favorite sleeping spot over her as if she was sleeping under it any other day and I buried the whole thing. This way she can always feel safe. And for her headstone I used the rock that was in her tank that she would sometimes try to climb to jump out of the tank lol Briana and I had our good times and they were all good times. At the end of the night, if there was no one else it was always Briana and I.

118 Now terrorizing crickets in Ameiva heaven

2 comments on "RIP Briana"

Demiera said...

Briana lived a good life...she will be missed by all

Lydia said...

Sorry about the loss of your pal. I was very confused at first and thought you had a pet tiger, not a tiger lizard! That's sweet of you to think her burial through so much.
And thanks for the sweet words on my blog!