Officially, Obama 08

On: Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Before anything, congratulations to Barack Obama on winning the Democratic presidential nomination. Come election day, my vote belongs to you. But what i wanted to say is that after all the shit talking Hillary did, now she wants to be Obama's running partner??? Yes, that's a smart move for Hillary because it puts her at an advantage for the next presidential elections, unless Obama wins THIS presidential election and decides to run for a second term; then she's assed out and has to wait another 4 years, so 8 years from now she would be at an advantage if Obama wins and decides to run again. But anyway, thats just a scenario. Whats going on right now is that after all the bashing, now Hillary says she'll be open to running with Barack. That's cool and all but I mean no matter how much we, the college students and the hip hop generation, being as rowdy as we are (lol), we don't want our biggest hater on our side. However, choosing Hillary as his running partner would be extremely smart for Obama. Why??? Because he would have Hillary's crowd behind him. He would have pretty much all of the Democrats behind him. If he does NOT choose Hillary, then the Hillary crowd will vote for McCain. And with all those democrats voting for McCain, Obama is going to have a really hard time gathering enough votes to beat this man. Regardless, Obama i'm behind you 100%. Hillary you're a bitch, but a smart one. And McCain, shit man i have nothing to say to you except get off George Bush's nuts.

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