Ice T is Trippin

On: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I agree with everything Ice T is sayin on here EXCEPT, and let me say that again, EXCEPT, and again, EXCEPT with him saying that hip hop is dead. Ice T hip hop is nowhere NEAR dead. You got niggas like Lupe Fiasco, Kanye, The Game, and most definitely Cassidy keeping hip hop alive and doing it well. Hip hop is very much alive man and in my own personal opinion, its better THAN EVER!!! Hip hop today is no longer just a genre, its a a culture (MAINSTREAM culture nigga!!!). And its only going to GET better. You right, Soulja Boy's music may be garbage BUT its catchy and nigga its making more money than you are off of record sales right now. Soulja Boy has no talent and is lyrically challenged (thats an understatement and my own opinion) but face it, he's gettin money and he's gettin all the hoes. Hip hop is gonna live on whether Soulja Boy is garbage or not so stop trippin. There will ALWAYS be bad artists out.

118 Hip hop is here and it ain't goin nowhere

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