Dondria - Can't Stop

On: Saturday, June 21, 2008

A long, long, LONG time ago I used to watch this girl named Dondria's videos on YouTube where she would sing songs by her favorite artists. I kept on watching her videos because she had an amazing voice and she was cute as hell lol Well now the girl got a record deal with So So Def and her first single just came out and even though its not really my kind of music I felt like I should at least post her new song on the blog. Dondria keep doing your thing girl you have a bright career ahead of you. Peace and much love to ya.

If you like the single you can buy it online at Amazon and iTunes for only .99 cents. Here is an old school video of Dondria doing her thing before she was signed.

And here is my all time favorite Dondria cover. This is the one that kept me watching her videos. My opinion but I think that if she was to cover this song on her album, she would murder it!!! She would sing it better than Keyshia Cole.

And if you follow this link it goes to Dondria's YouTube page and when the page loads it starts playing a little mini documentary of how she went from a YouTube star to being signed to one of the biggest and most successful record labels in history.

Dondria aka Phatfffat's YouTube page

118 Good luck girl

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