Cassidy - Lost It All

On: Sunday, June 15, 2008

If my favorite rapper isn't Lupe Fiasco then its definitely Cassidy. The man has been doing his thing for so long and he has been thru so much already in his young life that you have GOT to give this man the respect he deserves. Everything he says is hot and he is confident enough to tell you that himself. If you go back and look at all the things he rapped about you'll realize that alot of rappers these days got their style from Cassidy or atleast took elements from Cass. For example, you know how all these rappers want to wear BAPE (A Bathing Ape) now? Well if you go back to when Cassidy first came out, around 2003-2004, you can look at the shit he was wearing and man call me crazy but it looks like the BAPE logo on his clothes. I must not be crazy because he also mentioned it in his freestyles and wore it in his videos (**cough** "Don't Get No Better"). The man has been hot from the start and its about time that he got the respect he deserves. Go out and cop Cassidy's newest album B.A.R.S. (the Barry Adrian Reese Story).

Cassidy is deep in the mixtape game and always has been. One of my personal favorites is his birthday mixtape 7.07.07 cuz every track on there is HOT.

But the reason for making this post is cuz once again, like always, I found a new Cassidy track. Listen up because he's talking about when and why he went to jail for a year before his near fatal accident. Enjoy.

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