BET Awards 08 Performances

On: Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I saw most of the BET Awards 08 performances on because I was out with Demiera last night so I couldn't watch the show but these are the performances that stood out to me.

TLC ft Alicia Keys - Waterfalls
It was so awesome how they did this. However nobody could ever take Lisa's place. Ever.

Chris Brown and Ciara. You think there was any dancing involved in this performance? Haha

THIS was awesome. Remember, Lil Wayne started off with Cash Money cuz he could freestyle as a little kid. Keep that in mind years from now when this little nigga gets older.

118 I'm gonna have it my way, or nothin at all!!!

2 comments on "BET Awards 08 Performances"

Demiera said...

hey hey hey
quit all that blame noise lol
next year i'll see if we can actually go to the bet awards
that would be ridiculously hot

One Eighteen said...

hell yea that would be so hot i would catch 3rd degree burns just sittin there