Asher Roth Analysis

On: Monday, June 23, 2008

This is my 500th post yall!!! Don't trip cuz Ima continue to do what got respect. Let's keep it movin...

I got hit up on AIM by a fellow fan of hip hop and he was telling me that I should check out this emcee named Asher Roth and thanks to Worldstar Hip Hop cuz it just so happened that they had a video on him today. So first Ima let you see the video and then I'll give my opinion on this cat.

Alright, now let me dissect this emcee for yall. Remember, this is only MY opinion. Ok, first off, the freestyle is lyrically hot. BUT, but, but, but, but you can easily see that he was NOT freeing it. No, this freestyle was written way beforehand and homeboy had it memorized. Any emcee can freestyle with the rhythm and flow he had goin if given enough time to practice it. Second, the flow, the rhyme scheme, and even the sound of his voice is much too similar to Eminem's (you knew the comparison was coming); Asher Roth does not stand out in those departments. Third, (having less to do with the actual freestyle) Asher Roth is wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt; kid, it looks like you're trying too hard. Let your music speak FOR you because that's the only way you'll be accepted by the hip hop community and actually have a chance to sell. Wearing a shirt with Barack Obama on it is not the way especially when you look more like you could be George Bush's son.

Don't get me wrong, the freestyle like I said was lyrically hot. From what I heard him spit, he is a very talented kid and he can write a verse better than ALOT of niggas in the industry right now. Real talk.

I have some advice for this guy if he chooses to take it, or not.

1. Get a haircut, the Shaggy from Scooby Doo look ain't hot no more and hasn't been since 1972.

2. Stop wearing Barack Obama t-shirts. That's fine if you believe in him and you're voting for my state senator but trust me the t-shirt is doing you more harm than good. Only because it makes you look like you're trying too hard to be accepted, like I mentioned before.

3. Try and change the tone of your voice. In the recording studio its easy to change the sound of your voice, but you're assed out as far as freestyles cuz you sound just like Eminem and that's just not gonna fly with the hip hop world and especially fans of Mr. Marshall Mathers.

4. Before I posted this blog I watched some of your videos on YouTube and I have one small but VERY important piece of advice for you...You have no personality. Get one. Just please don't steal Eminem's.

Lastly, do I think this kid will blow up and sell? No. At this point in time he lacks the charisma and personality to blow up and from his music that I heard on YouTube, he's not saying much either. He lacks uniqueness. He lacks marketability. He may sound good on a beat and he may have the ability to flow on a track but there is just no STAR QUALITY. However, I do wish you the best of luck dude. The smartest thing for Asher Roth to do is to take this and add it to the fire, prove me wrong kid!!! Make me eat my words. Don't worry, this post ain't goin nowhere.

118 Will the REAL Slim Shady please stand up

7 comments on "Asher Roth Analysis"

Demiera said...

Scoooooooby dooooooooooby doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....


I didn't even watch the video yet but your comments were hilarious enough

Anonymous said...

you need to download the mixtape and rethink what you said. DUde is gonna blow big and if you remember he has a lot more personality than when slim started. The white kids in the burbs buy 80 percent of the records and they will go hard for this kid. I think your wrong and Asher will make you eat your words. He is sick with it and hip hop is going to love him.

One Eighteen said...


Well, we'll see who's right and who's wrong if he ever releases an album. Honestly, I doubt he'll even get THAT far.


Anonymous said...

He has an album coming out with a song that features Akon. He has some major cosigners and he actually already has an LP called Just Listen. He's also a major supporter of Obama. Maybe if you listened to the mix tape you'd hear that. He calls himself the nature boy.

Kupotek said...

If anyone knows where to buy that Obama shirt email me at Thanks.

Anonymous said...

yo one eighteen go fuck yourself. stop talking shit when you obviously don't know anything. you just sound stupid.

Anonymous said...

Alright, I know this post is old and you've probably already realized how wrong you are by now, but...

Asher Roth released his album last month and everyone is loving it!

He's amazing and a lot of major rappers have a lot of good things to say about him.
I think he's awesome, and I think you should give him a chance if you haven't by now.

Just visit his myspace.