On: Monday, May 26, 2008

Last Friday was NEIU's and UIC's crossovers. Braulio, Cesar, Armando, and I went up to the crossover up on the northside of town and then to a bar afterwards. When we got to the bar is when all the crazy shit started happening. The craziest part of the night no doubt was when Angel got arrested and took to jail for spitting in a cops face. Too O.C.!!! But also Carlitos got so drunk that he got kicked out the bar. He was knocking down bar stools and throwing up and ofcourse it got everybody's attention. So Hugo and I had to basically carry him to Juan's house about 7 blocks away. It was cool cuz we got a ride back from one of the brand new neos. When we got back is when i got the text about Angel to come outside cuz he was getting arrested. I would have took pics cuz it was funny as hell wit him being held down to the floor wit his hands cuffed behind him. I talked to the officer to make sure he was getting out in the morning. The whole ride home Armando was trying to pick a fight with thisa one dude that Braulio was giving a ride home to. And then he started picking on Braulio! Thats when i had to step in cuz i wasnt lettin that shit ride. Wild night. I ran into some people i knew and some people that knew me ran into me and i didnt know what to say cuz i didnt know who they were. One girl graduated with me from Curie in 05 and now she goes wit one of my frat brothers from NEIU. But thats how the night went, the night is always action packed wit us. Sometimes it aint always good tho but thats life. Peace!!!

Carlitos yo weak ass!!!
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